Couple photos at Stairway to Heaven | Gabby & Justin

Where do I even begin? Gabby and Justin are the perfect match in every single way. Before we get into their session I want to give you a little bit of a background of how this session came to be. For those who don’t know Gabby is my best friend so this session meant so much to me. Our friendship has grown so much over the years that I consider her my sister. I am so thankful for the relationship  I not only have with her but with her family. Gabby and Justin recently moved to Florida but I still go over to her house and have wine with her parents. 

Now more about Gabby and Justin. They met last year and clicked instantly. I even joked around with her and said after their first date that Justin was already in love with her. And he was, who wouldn’t fall in love with Gabby? Over the past (almost) year I have seen her grow so much with Justin. She is the happiest I have ever seen her and that says a lot since we have been through so much together. Justin brings out the best in her, they even started a little family. They have the most adorable little puppy named Rivers! I can’t wait to meet my fur nephew. This is what I have hoped for Gabby for so long. She moved to her favorite place, with her favorite person and I couldn’t be more happy for the two of them!!

We had their session at Stairway to Heaven in Vernon NJ and it was absolutely beautiful! I have so many sessions there, it’s the perfect spot all year around. They were both so nervous to get their photos taken but they killed it! We  were having so much fun and ended up being out there for 2.5 hours. Time flies when you are having fun! Gabby wanted to have a session before she left for Florida so they could decorate their apartment. I can’t wait to visit and have a beach session with these two! 


Justin, thank you so much for making my best friend so happy! It makes up for you taking her so far away from me. I miss you both and can’t wait to visit and see your home!


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August 19, 2021

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