Greenwood Lake Couples Session in NY | Jac & Zach

Couples Photography Session at Greenwood Lake, NY by Sydney Madison Creative

I know fall is finally here, but I can’t stop thinking about how amazing this summer Greenwood Lake couples session with Jac and Zach turned out! Jac and Zach have been together for the last three years and love spending their summers at the lake. One of their favorite things to do there is hang out on Zach’s boat, whether its taking a cruise on the lake or just perched at the dock, so I knew I wanted to capture some photos of them there.

Fun Fact: Jac is actually my future sister-in-law! So when I asked her and Zach if they wanted to do a lakeside couples session and date night, complete with pizza on the dock and boat, they were super excited for it! This was my second time photographing Jac and Zach and we all had so much fun! Zach really knows how to make Jacalyn laugh, which was so cute to witness. They are so natural and playful together!

The first prompt I gave them was to slow dance on the boat. Jac and I were so surprised when Zach wowed us with his dance skills! We had no idea he actually knew how to dance for real! After some dancing and cozy shots on the boat, Jac and Zach enjoyed their pizza and drinks while sitting at the end of the dock. Our favorite part though, was when a family of ducks kept swimming back and forth in front of them. The ducks clearly just wanted a bite of pizza, but it was such a cute moment to experience during Jac and Zach’s Greenwood Lake couples session.

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Couples Session

October 12, 2023

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